IMG_8643 l_cropped_smallI’m a professional who’s reliable and critical about my work. I’m a student who’s always open to learning new skills. I’m an achiever who’s ready to help and assist you in accomplishing your goals.

Hi! My name is Charizze. Let me walk you through on how I can assist you and your business.

I’ve previously assisted account officers in building-up their portfolio by maintaining good customer relationship with their clients. I’ve also helped department heads be able to present accurate and organized reports to the Board of Directors by compiling data and meticulously creating Powerpoint slides. I’ve also experienced being an online ESL teacher who helps Japanese professionals hone their English language skills through the use of Skype. This shows my high English proficiency level as well as good communication skills.

With these previous experiences combined with new skills that I learn every day to keep on upgrading myself, I can help you direct your focus on the operational aspects of your business and concentrate on your main goals. Together, let us aim for the highest potential that your business can achieve!